Your Journey is important to us

We appreciate second chances, if you get a chance to fix things or start over or even mend a broken relationship, you must appreciate that opportunity.

When we take a journey with you from the time you write your story to us to when we read that story and try with all our might to find the person you’re looking for, that someone that will answer for the reason you lived the life you had to live without them, the reason they had to leave you, the person who will hopefully put reasons into why you celebrated your birthday alone or sat under a tree friendless or maybe even erase some of the pain and ache you suffered in search of these reasons. We journey with you so that maybe your mother can hold you in her arms and make it all ok. We journey with you so that your father can help you make sense of life, that maybe you will have a place to call home. We journey with you so that you can start afresh, mend your broken heart.


We value second chances and that is why we do what we do.

Love team Khumbu.


5 responses to “Your Journey is important to us

  1. We thank you so much by the impact you have in our communities by assisting in uniting families. May you please keep it as God is helping to advance you capabilities of being such a great organ within the nation. Thank you again.
    Martin Z Mkize

  2. Hi cc Andile.w thnk u fr helping us.hope il gt ansas nami one day,iv been searchin bt wf no luck.we looking fr our dad his from hammanskraal(ngobi or swaartboom) hs nym s Jonas maluleka.hs mums nym magdelinah maluleka,hs one of cc maria hv a daughtr by the nym of maki.pls hlp us mum pasd on w r strugglin so much.lft cc nd i mpho magdelinah makhubela my cc Emily refilwe late mums nym s martha margarette ouma dgts 0787547471

  3. We understand that there are so many of us who grew up wit one parent or both not being part of their lives. And most of us are writing to khumbulekhaya so that they can help us find the missing piece of this puzzle called life. I am also one of those people and when I feel like my backis against the wall that is when I get to really hope and wish for my mother’s love and hug. Being Christian I have come to understad that sometimes things happen in our loives because God is trying to find a way to bring us close to him.

  4. Growing without my father is breaking me n worst I don’t know his family. I only know his name n a date of his death. ( Johntate Gideon Shongwe died on 3 June 2000) can you imagine that my mom died with the rest of the info ( Sarah mantoa Majola) she also died on 7 July 2000. Painful for me.

  5. Cc Andile. We thanks you for helping this nation. We know and hope one day everyone will find a closure and reunity with their family,including me. I am still looking for my father Aaron Masuku whom i dont know. He was staying with he’s uncle Mbonani at kameelrivier b siyabuswa. And my mother is Johannah paulinah Msiza. Her parent is Jonas Msiza&Martha nomvula msiza. Her sisters of my mother,are Soppy Mvenselwa, Betty nobashukuthini, piet,Solly and Annah Msiza. My name is martha Msiza. Thank you

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