Khumbul’ekhaya is a heart-warming 48 minute weekly family emo – tainment series celebrating healing in South African families through forgiveness and reconciliation. The show tracks the journeys of South Africans who ask Khumbul’ekhaya for help in their search to heal their relationships with lost or estranged family members.

In each show two stories spark laughter and tears as viewers reflect on their own family relationships and are moved to implement positive change in their own home. Presenter Andile Gaelisiwe reflects on the experience of our story characters and reminds viewers that with courage, open hearts and communication we all have the power to heal our family relationships. With all the suspense and surprise drama of reality television, the Khumbul’ekhaya team venture into homes across the country with characters that are willing to act on their need to heal.

An emotional homecoming for all South Africans, Khumbul’ekhaya will show how through reconciliation and forgiveness we can heal broken relationships in our families and in the process, heal our nation… person by person, family by family. A touching family show bringing stories from all corners of South Africa.


  • Reality television that makes an intervention in the terrain of social consciousness · Speaks to the entertainment genre motto of: ‘’Entertainment with a social conscience”
  • Emotional intelligence programming relevant to our social development
  • Reality genre allows natural drama and suspense to build stories to powerful emotional peak. Strong emotional response created in viewer – either tears or laughter – through real – life interactions and activities.
  • Themes of family forgiveness, communication and the courage to act are all explored from an emotional perspective – what do all of these values mean to our society and the characters that we see in the show.