What is your Cultural Identity?

Your Heritage is not outdated.

Are we destroying our African Traditions because we feel they’re out-dated and don’t fit in with our modern views? What is the importance of a people’s Identity? What sets us apart?

Are we able to co-exists as a people efficiently as peacefully while still observing our traditions or our organic religion?

What I have personally found puzzling as an African child is that a lot of us are willing to do away with our own traditions in favour of eastern, western and even northern religions and traditions as we see these as more “Spiritual” or more evolved, modern and¬†convenient. We see our own beliefs as Africans as dirty, old and bizarre. Is it so wrong for a modern African to appreciate what sets them apart as Africans? Is evolution and modernity¬†worth us doing away with our organic beliefs, heritage and identity as Africans?


11 responses to “What is your Cultural Identity?

    1. When we speak of our identity as black people, there is so much that has moved us away from following it…largely colonisation and this mental colonisation that we see nowadays. Movement of people from one place to another also effect us, we see new lifestyles and ways of living and we get caught up and realise later we have changed. Change is good but we must be careful what we changing too. If its distroying our identity, we are so doomed. Without identity we dont have any foundation of who we are and where we going.

  1. hy ndifuna ukubonga ngoncedo lwenu nam ndalahlekelwa yangane yomyeni wam e cape town ngo 2005 the kuzalwa sagcina ukumbona ngo 2008 hope u wll help me his name is likhona wasedutywa

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