Walking with you

Why is it that parents fail to protect their children? It is so heartbreaking to hear that a child was left somewhere and the parents moved on with their lives. Some tell us that their parents left them with a friend, others were left with their fathers, others were left a creche. To every child that was left out in the cold by your mother or father, left to search the world for answers, we hear you, we see you and we try our best to help you find your answers.

2 responses to “Walking with you

  1. I am one of those unfortunate children who grew up with the absences of the parents Love as the rest of that we end up doing thing that we never thought we would do just because we want feel loved, protected and wanted I got married at the age of 19 because I never have that love and protection so I thought of creating a family of my own but that was the biggest mistake I made because even there I didn’t no feel love but I thank God for the best gift of three lovely children he blessed me with, now I fell love and needed by my children you know that is the best feeling knowing that u are needed and loved and I made a promise that I would live for them and I would protect them with everything I have because they are my world. so I don’t understand how could a parent live without his/her children of live with the fact that her stole the chance of a child being loved by a parent and being protected.

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