Hi khumbulekhaya ,my name is Thabo from Soweto ,please help me fined the woman by the name of Elsie Thite if she did not change the surname due to marriage.Elsie and I met at midrand where she was working in the offices and I was working for a the Lifts and ascalatots company.When we parted she was expecting a child of which he denied was mine.I am christian now and I was prophesised there times and by different lprophets at different churches telling me about this child that left before I could see.All I want from Elsie if is true is to reunite me with this child and as a father do rituals so that she or he can not have difficulties in life.Please before is too late for both of Elsie us.Thanks khumbulekhaya and everyone out there who might know this woman .MY contact no is 0814184820

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