Undeservedly blessed

My name is Thabo Pule was born in the 70’s in JHB.I was given up for adoption in the eaerly seventies. I do not know anything about my parents.The adoption was administered and facilitated by the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society. I have no link or memory of them at all. I have only one feature that can help my mother recognise me. It is the big birthmark on my right arm. I harbour no grudge or any ill feeling against anyone.I paid the price of being an orphan. The Lord has blessed me with a life I did not not deserve through His Grace.My life will be complete when I meet both my families. I’m forever grateful to my adoptive parents and wish all the blessings for the unselfish love they have. I’ll be forever grateful to my biological parents especially my mother for not killing when I was a burden to her.Thank you mom. I know we shall meet if not here it will be in heaven. The love of God is still with me in 44 years. Thank you Khumbul’ekhaya for amazing work you do for us. God bless.

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