the story of my father.

my name is Xolani Nkonyane but my real surname is Mkhonto,I’m using my mother surname Nkonyane because I never saw/knew my father since i’v been born but my mother told me before she passed away that my father is Petros Mkhonto from Mpumalanga Nelspruit they met each other when my father was working for construction called Mr Bond in my mother’s home town paulpietersburg than when they left I was already born and he knowns me and I was told he was loving me but he left when I was mounths born than he never look back until i heard of him when my mother’s friend told my mother that she use to see my father in Johannesburg than my mother decided to write a letter and gave it to her friend 2 give my father when she go back to johannesburg and my father reply to my mother’s letter saying that he think I died longtime ago that was the last time i heard of him until my mother passed away in 1998 I was in grade5 by that i need him I need this man more than anything but the thing is I’m too shy to be seen on tv looking for him please guys help me with sum advice on how can I look for him.

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