Thandi Hadebe request your help in locating her family members.

Thandi Zarina Hadebe lives in a squatter camp known as Madela 2 – in Tembisa. She is looking for her relatives who she left in KZN Kwa Macibisa in Edendale Petermartizburg. She has no other ways of identification. She no longer remember when she left her home in Edendale Pietermaritzburg. She use to live at Kwa Macibisa. She use to live with her mother and she left home while her mother was still alive. She left her daughter by the name of Nomusa at Kwa Pata. She left her daughter Nomusa with Na Zwane. Nomusa must have been eight or ten years by then.
She do not have the identification card or reference card. She has no way to identify herself.
She say she has a sister by the name of Hawa she could be at her 60’s. Her brother Sphiwe got lost while they were still children.
Should she be helped please contact Violet Mkhize of 55 Endulwinin Section. If she could be helped could you please contact Violet Mkhize at her cell number that is 073 331 1124

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