Searching for my Father


My name is Violet Issack, i am 37 years old, i live in Selebi Phikwe (Botswana).

I would like you guys to help me in search of my father, his name is Ronnie Grofte/ Grafte. He is a white man and i never meet him and no one told me a full story about him.

He was living here in Botswana around 1970s in the Tuli- Block Farms. At that time he was living with Hans Grobler and Marries Nell, they were all white people and i think they stayed in the same farm.

I tried to search him in a private way i failed and that is why i want your office to help me find him.

Thank you,

Violet Issack
+267 72697327
+267 76037440

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