Hello and how are you today ? My names are Pinkett Phila Cynthia Ntuli, i live in Johannesburg and and i am 39 years old , am fair in complexion and little bit tall .. My mothers name are Zodwa Caroline Ntuli , she presently lives in Johannesburg but formerly lives in Dandee Ezindumeni and was living with the family called MHLUNGU where she met my Father who’s names are Jack Mofokeng and was working in the mine called NEW SHAFT MINE which is located at ENDUMENI and he was formerly living with a family called Ndlovu and he has a friend called Vusi Ndlovu ..However my father had a nick name called MANGINGIZA ..Few years latter my mother got pregnant and i was given birth too in February 2nd 1977 and i was called with a general name called PHILA .. Few months later m father was posted to work in another MINE called ECORNATION HLOBANI where he met my uncle called MBONENI NDLOVU as his friend but in some few years later the Mine was burnt down and everyone was dismissed and lost contact and since then i never set my eyes on my father till today and its been 30 years now that have been looking for him but cant still find him … So i urge khumbulekhaya to pls help me with this search bcos i am really worried and i hope to pls hear from khumbulekhaya ASAP … Phila..

HERE ARE MY CONTACT NUMBERS … 0792506434 OR 0736949863

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