On this image is my sister while she was young and our late Mom Cecilia Mosele Mokemane. My sisters name is Bertha Mathole Mokemane and was well known as Wende or Wendi. I last saw her in April 1996. The basis of my belief is that she was visiting a friend after church at Constantia Park, Kroonstand. She had a problem of missing patches of hair on her head so she was always wearing a doek. Wende was heard of in Cape Town in 2005. Her friend(the same person she visited) also went missing and came back in 2005 with a +/- 4 months baby planning to leave her with her aunt because she couldn’t work with a baby. My neighbour saw my sister’s friend and asked her where my sister was and she said they were working in Cape Town. She refused to give more details about my sister and the kind of work they were doing. Since then we never saw my sister’s friend again; apparently her aunt refused to look after her baby. We took efforts to look for my sister at mortuaries, radios and even previously on khumbulekhaya .

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