Please Help me find my Grandmother

Dear Khumbule’khaya

I trust this email finds you well

My name is Khanya ,I am looking for my grandmother who went missing in the mid 80’s, her name is Nontuthuzelo Mkhalipi originaly from Qokolweni, Umtata, Eastern Cape, her clan name is Mamswazi, she is suspected to be between Transkei and Tsholomnqa- rural areas near East London.

I am looking for her because we all need her in our lives, she left behind 4 children, My Dad, My Aunt and my 2 Uncles, they all grew up not knowing each other as their mother left them with their different fathers at a very young age, but because of God’s Grace they managed to find each other and now they are looking for their Mother, Last year My Dad and my Uncle went as far as Transkei where they got a lead on but unfortunately they could not find her.

It saddens me to see them longing for their mother’s Love, every year my Dad’s birthday wish is to spend time with his Mother, We have hope that she is still alive, all we want is to give her a home and spend time with her.

My wish for this year is to see my Family being re-united with their Mother.

We humbly request you Khumbule’khaya to help us find our Mother/Grandmother


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