Please help me find my father

I am looking for my Father, twin brother or anyone who may assist.
My name is Joseph Langa I was born in Morelete (North West province) my mother is Enny Nkoni Langa.

I am looking for my father Andries Mahlangu or his twin brother Jan Mahlangu perhaps anyone who can assist me in finding these two people. When I questioned my mother about my father where is coming from, I was told that he was from Denilton in Mpumalanga and please note that I don’t know where about in Denilton.

My father met my mother (Enny Nkoni Langa) in 1979 at Germiston where my father used to work and his twin bother was working in Pretoria around 1980’s in a butcher and a bakery store.
I was born in 1980, I have been looking for him for 15 years now without any success, this is my second attempt writing to Khumbulekhaya asking for assistance to find my father. I wish that you will kindly assist me because I need his guidance as a father I grew up without the guidance of the father please Andile help me, I need his help mostly now concerning his cultural rituals and to change to my real surname. I desperately need him more everything is just not going right in my life.

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