Please help Mariah Koko Bilankulu find her son Samuel Mzimeni

Please help Maria Koko Bilankulu find her son. She is originally from Rietfontein (Free State). She needs help in finding her son who was taken away from her when he was a baby. The name she gave to her son is Samuel Mzimeni. She last saw him in 1972 when he was two years old as he was born on 12 September 1970. She grew up in her grandmother’s house and her grandmother’s name was Koko Phahlakazi Radebe . At that time, she (Maria Koko Bilankulu) was known as Koko Radebe. The father of the baby is Joseph Umpisekhaya Skhale (Kanqonqo). They were staying in Grootvlei when the baby and father disappeared. On that day the father of the child was the person she left him with as she went to work; when she went back home, she couldn’t believe her eyes as everyone and everything was gone, they had relocated from where they were staying and left her behind. She searched for her son everywhere until she lost hope. Please help her find her son.

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