Please help find my biological parents

My name is Siphiwe Mazibuko (not my real identity), I grew up in Orlando East which is a foster home placed in 1987. I don’t know my real age, real place of birth or any of my biological family. Paul Fatti is a gentlemen in my life as I was adopted by his mother according to him. He is the only person who knows almost everything about me, so he’s the one who can give me answers but I cant contact him and I don’t know where he lives. I also hear there’s a Dlamini family around Zola Soweto who maybe be from my biological mother’s family. 0626426905=Mpho is the contact person since Im homeless and phoneless but im currently around Orlando Soweto where he also stays.

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  1. My name is Siphiwe Mazibuko, Im 34 yrs old and I don’t know where I come from. According to JHB Child Welfare I was abandoned at Hillbrow in February 1986. I was found by Mrs Kay in the streets then she referd me to PROSCESS (Project Street Children Social and Educational Support) on 20-02-1986. my real name, age is unknown. ad was placed in Sunday Times Metro on 9-3-1986 page 9 and Pace magazine May 1986 issue page 34. a woman claimed me but she had no proof. placed in foster care on 15-12-1987 court reference 03/14/1/4-192/87 in Boto family. age and name was assumed in final court hearing.a social worker advised that my biological mother was sent to 2211 Mofutsanyane street Orlando East in foster home but they don’t want to tell me the truth, as a result I was chased out of the house when I question them about my biological mother. In 1995 Prof Paul Fatti (0832661532) appeared in my life as a “mentor” and he said he was taking over from his mother who adopted me according to him. he told me that I shouldn’t look for my biological mother, for this reason I believe he knows my biological mother but he’s nowhere to be found and he not answering my calls ever since I asked him about my biological mother. I heard that there’s a Dlamini family in Zola that could be related to my biological mother but I don’t know their address. Mashinini family member in Pimville who are related to my foster family advised that my mother’s issue is a secret. Child welfare society reference: B6417. I believe the following people know my mother but they hiding the truth: Mrs Maureen Coetzee from child welfare, Mrs Mirriam Mazibuko (Orlando Childrens Home) whom my surname might be named after, Mr Knox Mogashoa (PROSCESS caretaker), Foster family in Orlando, Vuyiswa Charity Xala, Prof Paul Fatti whom could be my father but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Please help me find my biological parents, as its very difficult to move forward with a normal life. I have no phone but im currently in 44 Mooki street Orlando East.

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