Please assist to reconcile with my biological father

Good day Khumbulekhaya,

My name is Boitumelo Mosoge (Maiden name Phele) and I am 29 years old and reside in Johannesburg, South in the small township called Sebokeng, Zone 10 Ext 3.

My story is rather complicated but I will try to be brief. I was raised by a single mother who had me at the age of 17 years, by a gentleman named Joe Molise, whom by then was about 24 years of age. My mother couldn’t take it upon herself to tell me about my father as she believed that I’m well off without him. I only came to know that my step-father was not my biological by one old lady who lives nearby my grandmother’s house. I confronted my mother and she told me that the old lady was talking nonsense and this was around early 90’s. I ignored this issue not wanting to hurt my mother and step-father up until my step-father passed-on in 2008. I then, realised that it’s time to confront my mother again and she yet denied. However, around late 90’s apparently my mother met with Mr Molise in Vereeniging and they later agreed that he should meet me and later during the same day, Mr Molise came to my grandmother’s house without me knowing who he was and my mother forced me to go meet him without explaining who he was and why I should meet. Well, I did meet him on that day and never saw him again.

After meeting with Mr Molise, I became so eager to know who he was, that’s when I started my own investigations and asked around my extended family members. That’s when my mother’s cousin who was very close with my mother during the 80’s told me about Mr Molise and confirmed that he was my father but she couldn’t confirm his whereabouts. She (my mother’s cousin), later told me that she has never seen this guy (Mr Molise) facially as he was always in his car but she knew his name to be Joe Molise. Around, 2015 I further continued with my investigations and through the help of my colleagues, I managed to find Mr Molise’s details. His full name is Joseph Motseke Molise, who is currently living in Bloemfontein around a town called Navalsig. I made contacts with him a couple of times, we agreed to meet but nothing has happened to date and now his phone is being unanswered.

My request is for your team to assist me to reconcile with him because I am truly scared to go alone, as he might have a family which might not even know about me. I really need closure because my mother is unable to provide me with answer and very hesitant to speak about him. I hope that Mr Molise is able to provide me with answers of why he left and didn’t make ways to find me or contact me.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your response.

Kind regards
Boitumelo Mosoge

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