Dear Khumbul’ekhaya
I am Donald Selby Ngomane from Mpumalanga Lowveld Nkomazi region Kamaqhekeza Block C, writing to Khumbul’ekhaya with regard to assistance by the SA citizens in helping me to trace my unknown father who is allegedly from Eastern Cape.
I am humbly asking assistance from the people who might have information leading to the search for my unknown father named ALFRED MZUKISI NDONGENI (DOB:1957-01-01) to please help by giving the information to the Khumbul’ekhaya search team. My mother told me he was from Eastern Cape (ezilalini) and his nearest town is Queen’s town. Unfortunately my mother passed away before reveling much information about him and I have tried searching for him but went unsuccessful.
Your assistance in this regard will be warmly welcomed with both hands as it is said you are blessed when you give than when you accept.
See attached picture of mine.

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