My long lost Dad Moses Phiri

Hi. My name is Minah Sithole from Brits, Tornado in North West. I’m in need of help from Khumbul’eKhaya. I wrote this letter hoping if you could help look for my long lost father.
I’m looking for my father by the name of MOSES PHIRI who used to stay at Verter park. Since he disappeared in 1988, when my mother was still pregnant with me. He is short in height, coffee coloured.
He used to stayn with his brother by the name of Bethuel Phiri. Him and my mother met in Verter park where my mother was working as a domestic worker. The unfortunate thing is that he left no photo.
Since I was born I always heard of him. I never saw him. I’m a 27 years old lady, blessed with a baby boy, so I ‘ve been trying my luck, hunting Dad like ever since with no luck, nor success. Writing this letter to Khumbul’eKhaya is my last hope.
I’m unemployed, divorced, desperately in a huge hunt for him. I have issues that needs him. To find him would be a solution to my problems and I can also manage to move on with peace knowing my father and my son to know his Grandfather. My father as well to know his daughter and his nephew
I attached my photo and the photo of my mother for, if he can see and recognize her, or people who might know him or have any kind of information about him should get back to us
My contacts details are:
Contact number:
Physical Address: 2102 Anddriess section
Postal address: P.O Box 040

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