My long lost brother Armstrong Mangaliso Mahlangu

My name is Jabulile Nelly Mahlangu . Iam searching for my lost brother Armstrong Mangaliso Mahlangu who got lost in 2007 March 26th.
After the death of my father in 2003 the loss of him loosing our father severlly affected him as he shortly started displaying signs of mental sickness. He was mentally sick for a period of about 5 years before he went missing.
That particular day my mother was not at home as she had been knocked by a car ,my brother was in my home in 3036 Maheele Street Diepkloof zone along with my siblings Sasa and his younger brother Bafana. I was not living in the house as I was living in Mpumalanga.He was wearing a red jacket ,black vest and black shirtFrom what i was told he took he’s Identity doc uments with and left and he could not be traced. We searched for him from hospitals to prisons and we could not find him. And we got a lead from someone who called and told us he was a policeman. He told us he had some information about him .He told us he heard that some people had seen Armstrong in Zimbabwe and he was living in the bushes. My mother and two of her sister travelled to Zimbabwe and when they got there They arrived to were he was living .They found he had just lit a fire and found he’s one shore which my mother identified as his shoes. We heard other rumours purporting he had been seen in a tavern
Fighting with some patrons. After checking out the lead it was another dead end. He has been missing for 8years and he is about 34years . Since the whole ordeal my mother has had many sleepless nights and heartache. He id number is 8103055964088 an
I appeal to any one who has seen or knows where my brother is should contanct me Jabulile Nelly Mahlanu his sister. My number are 0745470810 and email address provided above

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