My father

I am a 19 year old from Port Elizabeth who is in need of some answers. it’s quite a touchy subject in my family but I feel that this has to be done. I last saw my Father Phumzile Huerbet Kondile after an operation I had had in 2007 to remove my tonsils. Before the operation our relationship wasn”t the best but atleast my father was around. it is believed that he has three other sons that he has no contact with and I am his only daughter. I have no idea what my family’s clan names are and as a young Xhosa woman I feel the need to explore my heritage and reconnect with my ancestors as I feel some path ways will open up once I’ve been introduced to them. What I recall is that we once lived in the same city – with his house being in Motherwell and his sisters in Kwazakhele. You might ask why would I write my story is we lived in the same city? We don’t know if they still live there and all enquires I had made led to dead ends. I need help.

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