My appretiation to Khumbulekhaya

Hi Andile,Im a 24 year old woman from Paterson in the Eastern Cape.I got married last year on the 2nd of November and I have a 5 year old daughter from a previous relationship.You are helping a lot of ppl across the country & im praying & wishing u all the prosperity in the world.Continue doing what u are doing because a lot of people still need ur help.My baby’s father dissapered when i was 4mnths pregnant.He is from KingWilliamsTown & I dnt know his adress since i had never visisted.He came to wrk in my town and thts how i met him.I don’t want you to look for him bcz my husband would not want that bt maybe as time goes,my child will wabt to knw her father.I will leave that to her to decide.I also grew up without a father & i dont even want to know him.i really apprecate all your work.

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