Angela Poulton born 04 March 1973 and Sharona Poulton born 04 October 1974 went missing in 1977 while in the care of their biological father John Poulton aslso known as Bernard Poulton.
They were visiting their granmother in Luderitz Namibia at the time of their dissapearance. These girls were 3 and 4 at this stage.Ever sine no trace could be found of the girls or the father John Poulton. The possibility of taking on new identities or adoption could not be excluded as all 3 dissapeared without a trace. This was done without the permission of the biological mother Lily Poulton Wrenn. Lily has been searching ever since to find her daughters but all in vain. These girls are now in their early 40’s. Might not be aware of what really happened. Please should you have any information that could lead to finding them please contact Lily Poulton Wrenn on +264 81 413 0446. Lily resides in Walvisbay Namibia and is also active on face book. God Bless you

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