Missing brother: Bonginkosi Malinga

Dear Khumbulekhaya

My name is Lungi Malinga from Johannesburg in the Midvaal. I’m writing this letter to ask you guys to assist in search of my brother who left home on the 3rd of February 2008 while we were still living in Bezuidenhouts Valley in Johannesburg. He just left in the morning without saying anything. He used to go come back home and stay for a while then leave again but this time he didnt . I really need to know his whereabouts as he left his twin brother and parents wondering and stressing a lot. We crying and asking for your assistance a lot now as we have already lost a son and a brother last year October, we couldn’t trace his whereabouts to let him know about his little brother passing. This has affected the family in a big way especially my parents everyday is difficult for them. The morning he left he said to me he is going Durban he found a job that driving trucks so I really don’t know now where is. I would sometimes ask some of his friends when I happen to see them and they would say he is in Durban. Andile please help us life has changed a lot at home especially now we just lost my little brother, his gap is so big and his twin keeps on asking about time. Hope you will be able to assist and I strong believe that wherever he is, he is still alive and also misses us and wants to come home
Thank you

My contact 0712931174 or 0810875884
His ID:8305295699081

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