Hello, my name is Boy Mlonyeni, also known as Joseph Nkala. My ID is 5102245223085. I was born in Matatiela, Transkei. By the age of about 25, I was father to two sons named Bennet and Israel. I moved to Johannesburg after the death of my father, Colben some 30 years ago and worked for a company in Daveyton named Fibre Spinners and Weavers. I married Mantoa Dlamini of Daveyton after the death of my mother Agnes, who died at the age of 73. We lived in the house she left me.

In 1992 I was involved in a motor accident that left me with both of my legs amputated. My wife took care of me until her untimely death.

After my wife’s death I went to Springs to seek help at an accident frail care institution. I stayed there for some 4 months, where I was contacted by a social worker who made arrangements for me to be admitted to the frail care institution I am currently staying at.

I have been living at Huis Dien Bothma at No 5 O’Hare Street, Jansen Park, Boksburg since July 24, 2014.

Could you please assist me to be re-united with my family? I have lost all contact with my entire family and I would like to return to MatatielE if possible.

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