Looking for Than do Mavela

Dear Khumbulekhaya can you please assist me I am looking for the father of my sister’s child who broke up with my sister when she was pregnant,my sister passed away in 2008,since the passing of my sister I tried to look for Than do with no luck,even his friends told him about the boy child he has with my sister,All I want from him is to know his clan name and his child to know him,coz he is asking me why doesn’t he. has a father but other children have,the last time I saw his post on face book he bought a house at blue water bay,anybody who can assist me with his whereabout I will appreciate the help as it is his child right to know his father and his father’s family
The child is now 10years

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  1. I do not want him to maintain the child if that is his worry,and I also want him to do the DNA as it looks like he doesn’t want anything to do with a child or may be I am accusing him of being the father of my sister,’s child,

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