Looking for Simangele kubeka/Miya

I am looking for my sister her name is Smangele Kubeka, she was taken by my aunt Jabu Paggy Yika who stays in 243 Ngema section in Katlehong when she was about 6 years in 1969 before I was born. my mother had her when she was young and she told us that her elder sister Jabu Yika took her and gave her to one of her in laws who did not have a child to raise. That family stayed at Goba Section in Katlehong. their Surname was Miya and their other daughter was Joyce Miya. My mother believes that Joyce Miya might have information as to where the family took my sister. we have tried to go to that house but they have moved and now one knows where the went. I am not sure if my sister is using the Kubeka Surname or Miya Surname.

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