Looking for our grandfathers relatives in Mozambique

Dear Andile

Our grandfather is from Mozambique and has since left Mozambique until his death. He is buried here in South Africa in a village called Tshwara located in Mmakau. None of my grandfathers children know his relatives in Mozambique and this was the same with his wife who also passed on. My late mother used to tell us that he once asked my grandfather about his whereabouts and noted him saying that he is from a place closer to Shamva Mines in Mozambique. My mother had wished for us to go look for my grandfathers relatives but our challenge was atound where we were to start looking. Of interest, my grandfather used the surname of Pitse when he arrived in South Africa and we noted that his real surname was Dube which means a horse hence the change of surname to Pitse. His relatives in Mozambique are therefore the Dube’s and we wish that my father – who is already old – can meet his fathers relatives as this is his wish and that of my late mother. Khumbulekhaya is our hope to help us track our fathers relatives in Mozambique..

Please Andile and Khumbulekhaya, please help us make my fathers wish and my late mothers wish come true.

Our contact details are as follows:

0828043496 / 0765113473 Pertunia

0834225318 Silence (my sister)

Thanking you

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