Looking for my mother

Dear khumbulekhaya and team.

My name is Thabiso and I’m the fan of your show,every Wednesday I make sure that I watch the show hoping that I will see my mother or her family looking for me, Iam not sure how old I was when my father took me from my grandparents but I was still very young,my mother’s name was Zandile Mfeka from Kzn at Hlokozi location,my mother had a brother named Dumisani and she had other sisters one of them was Sithombi I can’t remember the other sister’s name but they were 4 of them,she also had a baby girl named Andile that I think she was born around 1985 and I was born 1981.I really can remember much about my mother since I was staying with her parents and she was married to another man,all I want is no know her and my siblings I have been so angry and lonely for so many years but through watching this show I have healed and I still hope that I will find her or her family,for many years I have told myself that she’s dead but when I see people finding their loved ones after many years,I came to realise that nothing is impossible,Andile you are my last hope.

I hope have given enough information to assist you.


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