Looking for my father’s family


My name is Kabelo baloyi form tembisa rabie ridge I was raised by my mother my father didn’t take any responsibility in my life I never saw him or even touch him or talk to him I grew up calling someone my father I only found out now when my mother tell me that my biological father died so it ddn’t stay well with me I tried to reconnect with my father’s family because doing this will help me to find peace so there is one problem someone from my family’s relatives refuse to give me my father’s family contact details I dnt know what is wrong so I tried to find out what is wrong so but she still refuse to give me their contact details so I am tired of waiting because life is too short and my family doesn’t care about it I beg u to please help find my father’s family so I can connect with them so I can live in peace for the rest of my life # my father is doctor I don’t know his surname I dnt even have his picture because I never saw him and his brother is Milo whom I am trying to connect with they are from bolobedu but I don’t know which village please help me find my father’s family

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