Looking for my father’s family

Dear: Khumbul’ekhaya

My name is Mongezi Tsotetsi, I’m 25 years of age I live in Duduza, Johannesburg. I’m looking for my father’s family whose surname is Xaba from Qumbu in the Eastern Cape, my father’s name is Zengisile Sydwell Xaba but he was using Mtshungu as his surname while he was working at Hanni and Sons at Nigel, where they met. He passed away when I was 1 year old.

His brother’s name is Dolphus Xaba who also was using Mtshungu as his surname; he was working at Jack Fencing at Dunswart. I never met any of my father’s family and I would really like meet them plus there are things that needs to be done like being introduced to the elders and be cleansed too because I was never cleansed after my father passed away. Some things are not going well in my life so I believe by meet his family things will get better in life. I don’t have a picture of my father.

Please, anyone with information about my father’s family contact Khumbul’ekhaya. Look forward to your response.

Kind regard
Mongezi Tsotetsi

Cell no: 078 304 8375
My Address: 396 Bluegum view Ext 1

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