Looking for my father Phenius Matshuma Bhila

Dear Khumbul’khaya

My name is Vusumuzi Bhila, i was born in Swaziland and i’m the first son of Phenius Matshuma Bhila and Assah Mabaso, please help me find my father, he left in early 1990. the time my father left my mother was pregnant with his third child. he left us for insearch of a job and he never came back. the last time we heard about him was in 1997 and we heard that he was in Delmas, since from then we never heard anything about him.

Anyone who knows his whereabout, must contact me on 079 908 7320 or contact Khumbul’khaya.

I would be very much grateful if i can find my father Phenius Bhila, life is not easy without him.

Sincere ragard
Bhila Vusumuzi (079 908 7320)

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