Looking for my father

Dear Andile,
My name is Sunday Mamazana Mzimba. I stay in Mhluzi Middelburg. I never knew my father since I was born till December 2010 before I got married. I went with my husband and mom to find my father whom we later found in north west after we where directed by his nephew in Pretoria about where he is.He was not feeling well when we find him,but he promised to follow us if we exchange contacts.but we later lost telephone contact with him and we now don’t know his where abouts.we tried finding the nephew in Pretoria but we didn’t succeed.I would love to find my father because I really need to get to him,know my roots and the rest of my family.There’s some cultural ceremonies that only he can help me with. It wasndifficult for me on my lobola ceremony without anyone from my fathers side and i cant bear the same feeling on my white weding day which is coming soon.

Anyone with information can contact me on this number: 0728721837 or 0711658918 E-mail:mphomakutu1@gmail.com
Thank you
MS Mzimba

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