looking for my father

Hi Andile I am looking for my father. Who left me when I was 3 months old. According to the story my mum told me was that my father is from limpopo area.she does not have one picture of him apparently he was a truck driver that used to come now and then. His full name is Johannes Molapile. My mum says she could never visit him where he stays due to the fact that he was married in limpopo. We are from Upington in the Northern cape.he used to work at a truck company called renkels my mum name is Francina Nombulelo sekote. And please Andile if can help me to locate him. I don’t even have one picture of him and my mum never took photos sorry I only have the name and surname his nickname is Joe that is all I know thanks dear hope you can work with this Johannes molapile that’s my father’s name and surname. My full name is Grace ntombexolo sekote

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