Looking for my father

Hi I was born late seventies in Mkuze KZN. My mother had a man (man’s surname Mbatha) in her life who died before the father that I have (surname Kunene) before she given birth to me. So Kunene didn’t accept me very well that I’m his son. I grew up without having fatherly love I supposed to have.Now nothing is coming together to my future I had been visiting more than 4 different traditional healers whom they told me similar thing.They said me I’ve to play far away than Kunene because he doesn’t love me at all. Then I went to the traditional healer who have a licence to name any people he said to me my biological father is the one who died(Themba Mbatha) from EShowe(Ngudwini erea) I went to my mother and father(Kunene) and ask them about this but they denied everything but they both confessed to me that my mother had a man(Mbatha) before Kunene but they refused to confront the healer to oppose what he told me. Now my life is in the mess,I wrote this story to Khumbulekhaya for honest advises that what should I do to sort this situation am I facing? I tried to be nice on my mother and dad(Kunene) about 7years to ask them the truth but refused, and all traditional healers told me same thing that this parents will never ever disclose the truth they had agreement to keep quiet for the sake of their dignity. I ask you Khumbulekhaya not to broadcast this message using KUNENE surname please contact me first so that we will discuss everything but you can do a research for relatives for Mr Themba Mbatha at EShowe. I did a research but no successful. Please help me give me advises of what to do I have to find Mbatha peoples. And I have to do it my own way because I live alone now I decided to be away form my current parents because I get hurt when I look at them. Your cooperation will be highly important and appreciated to me.Thank you Yours sincerely Muzi L Kunene

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