My name is Nomathemba Vinger i was born in 1996 march 06, i was born at KWAZULU NATAL so i hear.My mother is Tselane Joyce Vinger who was born in 1977 September 13.I am the first and the last born of my mother who is now dead.my mother died when i was 11 years old.
Now i am looking for my father who i really dont know or his family at least, i need to know my roots where i come from so that i can see where i am going in this life .He was born in 1993 march 03 and he goes by the name of Sipho .I do not know his surname all i know is that he is from KwaZulu Natal i do not know the specific area.
I hear that my mother run away with me when i was probably 3 months old or less than that. apparently she was living with my father i dont know why she left.
Then FROM KWAZULU NATAL she came to FREE STATE WELKOM THABONG where i am still staying.
really dont know anything about much about my father.
if any one knows him please let me know.
life is really tough without parents especially if you dont know what happened to them.i have to say that i have lived a rough life everything is just so hard and one would wish to commit suicide.
i really need my father a lot ,i wish he was with me when i grow up, i need my fathers love and careness. Now i have a daughter of 2 years old and i am still at school.doing my grade 12.I am stuggling a lot.
khumbulekhaya please help.

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