Looking for my daughter and her mum

My name is Victor Johnson. I live in Sydney, Australia. Could you please help me to find my daughter called Joy. Her mum’s name is Nomosa Myeni (not sure of the spelling of her surname. She is Eshowe.
I last saw them more than 20 years ago due to circumstance beyond my control. We met in Durban but we were living in Johannesburg together before I left for Australia. Nomosa or my daughter must contact me with the following phone numbers which are:+61410872429 (mobile) +61296281207 (home). My e-mail is victor3johnson@yahoo.com.au

I am willing to come down to South Africa to see if you can find them.

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  1. Nomosa is a fashion designer and she attended a fashion designer institute at Durban where we met before we moved to Johannesburg. Joy Johnson my daughter was born in Johannesburg hospital , Nomosa has three sisters and one brother. The brother’s name is physician Myeni, also the father is reverend Myeni at Ishowe township. Thank you for this opportunity to find loved ones, God bless.

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