looking for my child

in 2006, i met a young beautiful lady called Maite from Kgapane Limpopo. she was a student at Wits and I was a student at University of Johannesburg.
she told me she was pregnant in December of the same year. we arranged to meet at Braamfotein center later that year to discuss the fate of the baby to come. On the day we agreed upon, I arrived late as I was trvelling from Mpumalanga and she had already left. upon calling her on the same date, she told me she was in a taxi to Pretoria and that was the last time we spoke.
she had told me that she was working part-time for the holidays in Goetvlei, but she didn’t specify where. please if anyone can help, I need closure on what was the out come so I can move on. I am married now with two kids and my wife knows about the incidence.

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