My name is Nhlakanipho Makhathini I live at KZN I am currently looking for my father John Chauke who work at West Deep Mine but He is original from Mozambique he is tall, light in complexion, he speak Swati, Zulu but his home language is Shangani.

He met my mother around 1990 while he was living at Carletonville near Black House renting at Maswidi residence who was also from Mozambique. As far as I know he was bitten, threatened by James fighting for the love of my mother since then my mother never seen him again. He does even know that I even exist that the sad part because by the time he left Khutsong I was two weeks pregnant then James the man who chased my father away he thought I was his child. Then I was born James saw John on me because I took his resemblance then we moved back to KZN before I even crawl. Growing up all i knew was that James is my father who was not supporting at all and since I was born I only meet James when I was 17 years now I understand the reason he was to see me was finding closure that he did a banded his son and I was far worse than I was young I was john without doubt so I had this anger for him until I knew the whole story that the man who is my father he does not even know that he had a son. So as I grow up truth reveal it self because I was looking for answers to my mother lucky she is still alive, she support me to this mission and she realised her mistake. I guess they is no time point figure and argue who was wrong or right because that wont help at this stage rather than finding a solution. It been 25 years now and I only heard about John on 2012 so earlier this years I went to the mine in fact West Deep 2 where he was working while they were together with my mother unfortunately they was no lucky of him but I did find a very interesting person on the database of the mine which I believe he is my brother I still have that copy believe me we look alike but they is no contact number or address only John Ngwenya Chauke my father name by his name. When I tell my colleagues they punch his ID 9304176190087number and this is the address he is registered as Van Der Byl, Sonder Waiter 503 .

I will never stop searching until I find him I believe some one some where will hear my request and I believe khumbulekhaya is a great platform to make my dream a reality.

Warm Regards
Nhlakanipho makhathini
Contact 078 373 5824

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