Looking for Jackson Louw( Mzangwa )Butaza relative’s in Eastern Cape Qunu

My name is Nonjabulo Mdletshe Zondo,I am engaged to Themba Butaza and we have a son together.We are looking for his grandfather, Jackson Louw Butaza also known as Jackson Mzangwa. He passed away in 1993 in Newcastle and he was married to Makhosazane Zwane.They had five children with him,before he passed away he said he was from the Eastern Cape Qunu.He worked as a soldier in Johannesburg during the apartheid law,but later he escaped to Newcastle where he worked as miner at the UTRETCH MINES .We have been told by traditional healers that he left two children and a wife back at home in Eastern Cape.We are hoping to find any of his children or family members in Eastern Cape Qunu because we do not know any of them.We will like to know about his roots or his background as this is affecting the entire family in Newcastle.There has been a lot of misfortune and pain in the family and most people have advised us to search for his family roots/background as we might need to perform certain rituals for him and the family.
Please Andile and your team help us find his other family
Thank you on behalf of the Butaza family.
contact numbers
email;butaza1@gmail.com or nonjabulo.zondo@gmail.com

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