Long lost father

I Would like to remain anonymous. As my story will have impact on many families known and unknown to me.

I was born in 1988 on the 25th of September to my late Mother Julie and an unknown father by the name of Glen Malema (that was all i knew about him), and so my life went on until the age of 13 when my mother past leaving behind myself and 5 siblings the youngest being 2 at the time.

The history i know of, Glen left my mother when i was not even a year old and pursued other woman and never gave a thought to me. I understand that he had remarried and moved on with his life, which i kind of understand. In the year 2002 i was then introduced to him just before my 14th birthday the same year and we bonded even though we really didn’t know each other. he showed me pictures of is current family as well as the extended and the daughter he had before me. During our visit he told me that his birthday was on the 4th of October (and that is all that i know about him, his born on the 4th of October his name is Glen Malema and he was born in Swaziland to a certain tribe which i do not know of) during our visit he mentioned to me that he used to be an artist in the 80’s – he was part of a group that no longer exists.

The reason i am writing to you is to find the man responsible for my being, i need clarity i need closure if we find him dead or alive. i will know that i have fulfilled my duty as a child, his daughter the one that he forgot about while he was living a life unknown to me, i do not want anything from him and i will step away if that’s what he wants.


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