I’m looking for my father in pipyrus by the name Joe Masenkeng

My mothers name is Betty Radikeledi, she was working in Randburg, her home was in Brits in a village called Maboloka, My grandmother told me that she met with my father in Johannesburg then they had a misunderstanding before I was born. I was born in 1983 so he will know the time he went to johanesburg and then meeting my mother. My father is said to be a Pedi guy from Pipyrus with a surname of Masenkeng, he was working as a driver of the trucks, I really need to connect with him or his family to atleast get the true story because it is really said not to know your belonging, I feel lost,everything don’t go well for me so I would like to meet the Masenkeng family in Pipyrus, My mother past away before I could get the story of him and my father and there is no one to tell the truth about what happened where and why. Please help me reconnect

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