I’m looking for my father

hi my name is xolani nkonyane my real surname is Mkhonto but I’m using my mom surname nkonyane because I grew up without knowing my father but my mother told me before she passed away that my father is petros Mkhonto they met each other when my father was in my mom town with construction called mr Bond in paulpietersburg in kzn.I never saw him but I heard about him when my mother’s friend who work in joburg comes with the good news to my mom that she saw my father in joburg I was young in that time but I remember when my mom wrote a letter to my rather and gave it to her friend to give it to my father in joburg and I remember when my mom told me about the feedback of the letter that my father says that he think I passed away longtime ago I was so sad to heard that and I grew up using my father’s surname and my mother was the to support me all the way until she passed away in 1998 than it’s where I started to miss my father and having hopes that one day he will comeback for me or he will look for me,but I was wrong till today he never look for me I was even forced to change my surname because the was no one to who was using my surname around my home town to help me get a birth certificate or identity document than I was forced to use my mother surname,I was told that he was from nelspruit and when he left he knew about me I was already born so all these years without him life has been hell I wish to know him the only problem I have I’m too shy to be on tv but I really need him. I wish khumbulekhaya can help me in any way to find my father or his family

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