I’m looking for my family

Dear Khumbulekhaya administrator
My name is Musa Spanela from Barberton Mpumalanga, near Nelspruit area. I’m looking for my family in Eastern Cape, Emampondweni. My biological mother passed on in 1986 and my father is nowhere to be found. My mother’s name is Nobafazi Victoria Mani (date of birth 1939). My father left Barberton after he was obliged to go and organise money that he owed a Sangoma after finishing his Initiation period (ukuthwasa), this could be around 1982. My father’s name is George Spanela.
After having no parents to look after us, we were taken (along with my sister who is also no more) and cared for by an old woman who knew our parents. I’m the only surviving child in Mpumalanga province and my life is not going well. I need to fix things in my life but I can’t since I don’t know where to go and talk to. Please help me to locate my family.
Information that I have is that, we are 5 children from our biological parents (3 sons and 2 daughters if they are all alive). One is no more, which means if there other siblings are still alive, only 4 remains.
I will be very glad and happy if you can assist me in this matter, and I’m looking forward to your respond. My contact details are:
Cell Number: 076 2056 439
Email: sabelokhoza27@gmail.com (this is an email of a fellow brother who is very close to me)

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