I’m looking for FREEMAN CHIMENE

Dear Khumbulekhanya
My name is Surprise Maduna .I live in 1420 Mokwena Stand,Winterveldt 0198,Pretoria. I’m looking for my brother in law FREEMAN CHIMENE who was working is a farm. I don’t know which farm, that where he meet my sister NELIS MADUNA around 1992. In 1993 that’s where my sister discovered that she was pregnant for Freeman Chimene’s child and on 08 May 1994 the child was born, the child’s name in CHUMA EPHRAIM MADUNA and that’s when he came to visit my sister in Winterveldt. In 1995 he came again to visit my sister and after he went back and he did not return but left his address but we didn’t see it because he left it at the back of this son’s picture we just discovered. My sister has since passed away.
The address on the back of the picture is 3001 CRAIGMORE/CHIPINGE, ZIMBABWE, and the message on the photo written in 12 March 1995 is “IN DEEP THOUGHTS IS FREEMAN CHIMENE DURING PHOTO TAKING”
Please Khumbulekhaya help us find my brother in law, his son is suffering.
My contact details are as follows
Surprise Maduna – 0767963661
Ishmael Maduna – 0724229662

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