i need to reunite with my father

Dear khumbulekhaya my name is queeneth mdluli and i live in hammanskraal same times i wish khumbulekhaya was a show that reunited people before they lost contact of each other because of the state that I’m living in i know where my father is and i know almost everything happening in his life but I’m not part of any of it my father and i started fighting in 2011 because i was pregnant and in school .i thought he would get over it ,as it was right by the time to be anger as a father because i was in school by thet time and in grade 10 .the reason why i am more consent now is because since then we never had any positive communication I’m no sure if we can fix this ourselfs we may lose contact of each other as time goes by.my wish is just to reunite with him before it’s to late to do so i don’t know what to do help

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