I Don’t Know Who I Am Without A Father!

My name is Darlene Plaatjies I was born in 1984 in Graaff-Reinet. I am currently living in Somerset West Cape Town. In the year 1983 my mother Juanita was pregnant with me her first child and she was living with her father which is my grandfather in Port Elizabeth at the time she fell pregnant her father disagreed of the pregnancy and tried to sabotage the pregnancy that’s when she decided to move back to Graaff-Reinet to live with her mother and there distance made them grow apart as my Father Alfred Thembani didn’t try to be in contact since he knew that she was about to delivery a child and she had moved to a different town because of her father.

When I was still a young girl my step grandfather had told my biological father, his sisters were in Graaff-Reinet wanted to see me but my mother refused to let them see me and I was still young at that time to know what was going on. Since then they had never came back to see me even my biological father.

Since now I’m getting older I have been trying for many years to find my father because I have struggles in my life, I grew up thinking I was a Coloured because my mother is Coloured but I’m actually a Xhosa girl because my father is a Xhosa man. I don’t know how to speak Xhosa because my mother is Coloured and I grew up around them. Many times I get sick and I don’t know what to do because the western doctors would not see anything especially with my leg,. In this in life I’m not where I’m supposed to be because I need to do my Rituals and cleansing as a Black person. I don’t know my Ancestors or where I come from. I have had so much bad luck and missed opportunities because I don’t have blessings and my Ancestors don’t know who I am.

A few years back my step grandfather told me that my father Alfred Thembani lived in Motherwell and he owned a shebeen and I went to Motherwell, PE Police station to ask if they would know anything about him since he owned a shebeen they told me there are many Thembani’s living in Motherwell and its a big place so its hard for them to find him.

I have son who would love to know his grandfather and my background and I’m a daughter who is struggling and needs to know her father and who she is. Many nights I pray and cry just to find my father to know who he is so that things can eventually go well.Many terrible things have happend in my life and I will not rest until I find him and my family. Please please help me Khumbul’ekhaya to find Alfred Thembani.
My contact no. 082 763 4278

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