I am looking for Johanna Basson

I am helping my brother (Jacky John Basson) to look for his mother (Johanna Basson). He was 8 months old when my mother took him in and became his Forster mother, he is now 28 years old and is really desperately wanting to know his biological parents and family. He was born in Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, Western Cape, on the 7 August 1988. His mother was unemployed and was staying with people that she just met through someone that was trying to help her as she was homeless as well. She stayed close to Leonsdale Clinin area. She took him to “Chicago flats” close to Leonsdale (Louwseboch) where she left him with an old lady to look after him because she went to look for work, but never came back . The old lady could not take care of him and she gave him to the social workers in Elsies River who did put him in my mother care (temporally). The social workers was unsuccessful in locating his mother or any family as his mother apparently did not stay at the address for long. My parents decided at that time to keep him and raise him as their own. He is known by us as Fabian the second name that my parents gave him. We tried many times to gain more information as to where she is but to no avail. Can you please help in locating Johanna Basson her son really needs her. Attach is a foto of him when he was 2 years old.

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