Helping neighbour to reconnect with children and family

Good Day Andile
We trust you are well
Our names are Ishmael and Granny Bantsejang, we are husband and wife.
Firstly we would like to applaud Khumbulekhaya for the great job you guys are doing by re-uniting the long lost families.
We are today please asking for your help.
Mme Matlakala Catherine Moeng (picture attached), is our neighbour in Lehae, close to Trade Route Mall in Lenasia Johannesburg. She is in good health but we are worried about her because we have never seen or heard of her family. Thanks to the lovely and unconditional caring programme….KHUMBULEKHAYA! We had a conversation with mme Matlakala and this is what we got from her.
Mme Matlakala since left Mooidorpie, AKA Itsoseng in the North West in her early years/age. She left behind her children with their father OuPiet Mothobi. She remember living in Veltevrede, Ga Ramelamu, together with her brother David Joseph Moeng.
Her four children are: Mmabosigo, Dinkwetse, Mothobi and Botshane. She says she remembers vividly that Mmabosigo and Mothobi has since passed on.
Please help us find and re-unite mme Matlakala Catherine Moeng with her family.
Please see below our contacts.

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