dear khumbulekhaya.

my name is martinis fathers name is jongikaya Sitwell tshokovu(tabezza) my mothers name is SIENA Jacobs we are from the western cape. we have been looking for my father for the past 24 years. we are 5 kids (Tamara; Pamela martinis dorethia and the baby brother has already passed away. my FATHER WAS LAST SEEN IN EASTERN CAPE IN MTHATHA. HE IS DRIVIMG TAXI BETWEEN MTHATHA , PORT ST JONS AND LUSIKISIKI. PEOPLE SAY HE USES SAVERAL NAMES; JOSEPH, TABEZA,,DIRKIE,) WE WENT TO GO LOOK FOR HIM TWO TIMES THIS YEAR BUT WE DID NOT FIND HIM. WE REALY WOULD LIKE TO ASK U TO POST OUR LETTER IN HOPING HE OR SOMEONE WILL READ IT AND RESPOND TO OUR LETTER. THANK U FOR TAKING THE TIME TO POST OUR LETTER IIN FINDING OUR FATHER

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