Help me to find my mother

Dear Khumbula ikhaya My name is Mpumelelo Ntetha I am looking for my mother whom we last saw on the funeral of my younger brother on 2003. Her name is Nomawethu Ntetha, she came back home to attend the funeral then she went back to Joburg where she was working. My mother used to call me up until 2005. In 2005 in December I received a strange call from woman who said she stayed with mother. She told me, my mother gave her my number and my uncle’s number just in case something happened to her. Now this lady was calling to inform me, that she has not seen her I am not sure for how long. I then call my uncle and told him about this strange call but he said. Two days later I called the lady as I have saved her number she then told me that no she was seen somewhere. I asked her where are they she told me they are in Meadowlands but as we were talking the phone cut when I tried to call again I didn’t go through. I never went through for many months eventual the number was re circle when I called that number somebody else pick up who knew nothing of the lady. I was never able to get her name and she never came back to me as she had my number and as she was the one who called me. The only thing I got was that they were in meadowlands. If I was able to get hold of her maybe we could have find her even if she was dead it could have been early. If anybody has an information about her where about or that lady remember the incidents can she please contact me.
My number is 071 229 6876 or email me
My mother’s name is Nomawethu Ntetha.

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